The U.S. Generates approximately 220 million tons of waste each year. 55% Of that waste ends up in one of the country’s 3,500+ landfills. Inspired by the saying that one man (or woman’s) trash is another’s treasure, the mission of re:purpose is to collect and donate unused products to reduce our collective environmental impact and provide support to those in need.


Our Story

Re:Purpose was founded by LEITZES&CO in 2016 and started collecting unused beauty and personal care products from beauty bloggers, influencers, brands and magazine editors. Each year they receive hundreds of products from makeup and personal hygiene companies seeking potential editorial coverage. When brands are unable to sell perfectly good product because of a package misprint or excess production, it usually ends up in the trash and eventually a landfill. Re:Purpose collects these items that would otherwise to go waste and  donates them to women in need. While a lipstick, deodorant, or tampons may not seem life changing, they can make all of the difference in instilling much needed confidence to women trying to get back on their feet and re-enter the workforce.

With transportation support from Lyft, Re:Purpose delivers these products to several philanthropic organizations, including WPA, Hours Children and First Step,
which is run by the Coalition for the Homeless. 

It is so rare that we get any kind of donation like this. The women are just thrilled. Many of our women are on such tight budgets, they often don’t have the income to spend on nice cosmetics. It is such a treat for them to be able to look through so many hair products, lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes and more – and know that they can take them home.”

-  Elizabeth Henderson, Director of the First Step

LEITZES&CO is proud to run a program that touches and empowers the lives of many women. With the positive impact the program has had so far, LEITZES&CO is looking to expand Re:Purpose to collect clothing, self care products, electronics, toys, books, and food as well.




Women Mean Business Partnership Award

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