Gaga's Workshop
for Barneys New York

Partnering with Lady Gaga for a one-of-a-kind experience, LEITZES&CO lead the creation of an interactive holiday pop-up shop at Barneys New York called Gaga’s Workshop. We brought in artist Eli Sudbrack / avaf, who brought the vision to life with exclusive product and a 5,500 square foot sculpture, which was featured on Good Morning America for the ultimate Instagram moment. The partnership drove traffic in-store and online for increased holiday sales.

candyshop_facade1 copy.jpg
gallery_handtable copy.jpg
popuplibrary copy.jpg
jewelryshop_gagaspider1 copy 3.jpg
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download_01 copy 2.jpg
BARNEYS_AVAF_2 copy.jpg
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LGWorkshop04 copy 2.jpeg
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