DKNY Artworks

To pay tribute to their iconic Houston Street mural in downtown NYC, LEITZES&CO helped DKNY partner with 10 international artists from 10 key markets to create original artworks to “wakeup the logo.” The artworks were reproduced on billboards and Instagrammable 3D letters worldwide in London, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Seoul, Kuwait, and New York’s Times Square. #DKNYARTWORKS trended #1 on Twitter.

Junkhouse_Seoul_Artwork copy.jpg
Amy_Gartrell_NYC_Artwork copy.jpg
Calvin_Ho_Hong_Kong_Artwork copy.png
Christophe_Hamaide_Pierson_Paris_Artwork copy.jpg
Sasan_Nasernia_Dubai_Artwork copy.jpg
Yamaguchi_Soichi_Tokyo_Artwork copy.jpg
How & Nosm_TSQ_NYC_1 copy 2.jpg
Maurizio_Galimberti_Milan_Artwork copy.jpg